Via exulantis – The Moravian exiles’ way

The exiles’ way

About 550 inhabitants of Suchdol and surroundings in the Kuhländchen region – secret protestants - escaped because of a hard persecution. Their refuge was found in the small town Herrnhut (Ochranov) in Saxony. The town was founded by Kristian David, a carpenter from Ženklava, in the estates owned by count Zinzendorf in 1722. By the time when the first refugees arrived, there was only one house there, but many other people were coming soon and so other houses were on the increase. The most able-bodied exiles went through the way to Herrnhut, being 350 km long, in about 11 days. Some of the refugees were taking babies only several days old, with themselves, also old people in their seventies went through the way. Some of them escaped from the prison being half-naked, often even in the snowstorms. Some where caught on the way, were sent back and died in hard labour. In spite of this fact, many of them went back for their siblings, parents and friends. Kristian David went through the way ten times.

Three-sided partnership Suchdol-Pilawa-Herrnhut

Origin and function of the three-sided partnership S-P-H

This free joining of the three associations was created to have a possibility to get more finantial means from the the European Union, as the cooperation of the border areas is a necessary condition here. It came to existence from the Moravian association’s initiative and it developed into mutual cooperation also in research area. It is formed by the following initiatives :

The history of meetings Suchdol-Pilawa-Herrnhut: In the meantime many other meetings and bilateral negotiations took place as necessary.

The educative way „Via exulantis“ (The exiles’ way)

exulantis exulantis exulantis

As a part of the Moravian conference there was a ceremonial opening of the educative way, 350 km long, along which groups of exiles were fleeing from our region to Saxony. For this way a name "Via exulantis" was chosen. It starts in Suchdol n.O. and leads through Fulnek to Krnov and Nysa, futher across the Polish Silesia through Pilawa Górna, Swidnica and Jelenia Góra to Herrnhut.

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