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Park of the Moravian Brethren was founded in 1996. It is situated opposite to Museum of Moravian Brethren where house of David Nitschmann (the first bishop of Unity of the Brethren) stood. In that park we plant trees from places where people from Suchdol worked. That’s why we need to get approximately 130 trees.

We are interested in places of missionary work of first generation born still in Kravaře region in Morava. It could be place where the church still exists or ceased to exist or acted just evangelistically.

Every tree will be provided with a stone board with the name and the year of retrieving. In that way a unique collection without another to compare with. Park has already 30 trees.

Can you bring us tree for park of Moravian Brethren?

If you want to help us the easiest way is this:

In the surroundings of the place where Moravian Brethren worked somewhere in a bush you will find and dig 3 small plants 10–15 cm tall with roots, wrap it then to a wet rag, put it to a plastic bag and to a cardboard box and send it as a mail to the address written below. Three because it happens sometimes that some dies. It doesn’t matter which kind of tree it is. At the best a tree typical for that type of countryside which tolerates well temperatures among between minus 20 to plus 30 Centigrades. Autumn and spring is the best time, but it could be done also in summer.

If it doesn’t bother you add please also photo of the donor and something about the history of the church or missionary place for the purpose of the register of the trees.

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