The Park of the Moravian Brethren

Park Park Park Park

Welcome to a museum in the open air! The Moravian Brethren left no material sights in Suchdol, therefore we remind of them at least by means of trees from places where they lived and worked.

The Park of the Moravian Brethren was founded in 1996. It is situated opposite to the Museum of Moravian Brethren, at that place where the house of David Nitschmann (the first bishop of Unity of the Brethren) stood. We plant trees there coming from places where people from Suchdol lived and worked.

Therefore there should be placed about 130 trees from five continents there. As we do not possess such a large land, we plant the trees around the Museum building too.

Every tree is provided with a stone slab with the name and the year of the tree’s receiving. In this way a unique collection having no parallel was created. The Park contains already about 30 trees.

Park Park Park

In 2014 a commemorative „Wall of Moravian Brethren“ was bulit. At some occasions we place memorial plaques of Moravian Brethren and Sisters, who set out for mission journeys or became significant in another way, on the wall. Finally 58 memorial plaques will be placed there. They are being produced gradually, because we have to gather 12200 CZK to produce one plaque. If you would like to become a sponsor of a memorial plaque, you could become also its owner and its “godfather“.

The place where the house of David Nitschmann (the first bishop of Unity of the Brethren) stood, is marked by stones on the lawn now. In the middle of the Park a copy of Kleinschmidt’s lamp was raised. The original one showed the way to the Eskimos in Godtháb in Greenland during polar nights, so that they could get safely to the mission building (our lamp is powered by solar energy).

In the front part, at the place of honour there is a lime tree from Herrnhut which was planted by a delegation of Herrnhut at the time of foundation of the Park. Then other trees from Europa follow. At the crossroads there is a weeping willow which dominates the Park. This tree comes from the village Kunewald (now Kunín), where the seat of Kunewald district was and some people were kept in prison there. As a reminder of this circumstance there is a bench in form of a prison log there.

At the end of the Park there are trees reminding places where David Zeisberger, “apostle to the Indians“, lived and worked. One of those trees was planted by Delaware Indians delegation from New Fairfild. The tree coming from Goshen in Ohio reminds us the place, where Zeisberger is entombed.

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